Add To Your WishlistSpoonflower Japanese knot bag - ratties!

Add To Your WishlistSpoonflower Japanese knot bag - ratties!

Japanese knot bags are awesomely useful for when you are nipping out on a quick errand and only need your keys, phone and credit cards, or for an on-the-go crochet project or a lunch bag.  These feature Spoonflower fabric designed by the superb Silly Badger Designs and Pinnings. Thread the long handle through the short one and you're good to go, it will hang on your wrist and free up your hands for other things. I stood in a queue and crocheted with it hanging on my wrist and the yarn feeding out of the bag :)

Made with 2 layers of cotton, these are lightweight bags but the outer layer has fusible interfacing on it to make it slightly stiffer.  There is an inner slip pocket for your phone or keys.  

  • Round bottom - measures 17" from top of longest handle to base, 10" from bottom of handles to base, 13" across widest part of bag - a wee bit smaller and narrower, great for quick errands or days out where you don't need to take much.  It will take a single ball of yarn for on-the-go crochet.  

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    Daisy Craven

    The bag is absouletely amazing, amazing quality and amazing for carrying small things like phone purse etc, 10/10 would reccomend and the cutest design of fabric

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